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Cotton yarn

Cotton yarn

As the exporters we persistently Export 100% Cotton Yarn of various count 10/1 & 20/1 (open end) 20/1 to 40/1 carded, combed & compact for knitting & 40/1 to 100/1 combed, carded & compact for weaving to the countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Italy, Morocco, Belgium.

With 47 Million Spindles and 0.75 Mn Open-End Rotors, India has the world’s second largest spinning capacity, commanding a share of the global Cotton Yarn market – currently producing over 4700 Mn. Kgs of spun yarn of which over 3,400 Mn.kgs is cotton yarn. Cotton Yarn accounts for nearly 73% of total spun yarn production. Indian Spinning Industry is the most modern and efficient in the world.

India produces a comprehensive range of yarns for every conveyable end use – non-spun or open-end; combed or carded, basic, compact, mélange or fancy. India’s 1943 spinning mills produce them all for requirements ranging from a fine 200 count to a coarse 2 count.

The world’s most renowned Indian Cotton Yarns are available as greige, bleached, mercerized, gassed, twisted, dyed or an endless range of fashion yarns like mélange, stretch, blends, high twist and so on to meet the different applications in fashion, clothing, home textiles, hosiery and industrial fabrics. India can meet every customer requirement whether large or small, regular or customized, premium or basic.